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Veterinary healthcare medicines manufacturers

Veterinary healthcare medicines manufacturers

We are pioneer veterinary healthcare medicines manufacturers with comprehensive list of veterinary products. We engaged in manufacturing medicines for cow, sheep, goat, and hen. Our aim is to serve the farmers with advanced products which helps in promoting better health of animal kingdom. We follow standardize quality norms to ensure best quality.

Our products were designed to cater the health needs of animal for low cost and benefit the farmers by reducing their expenditure on animal growth. Quality control is integral part of our organisation. We have specialised quality inspectors, packaging experts who ensures the quality of products, packaging in high grade packaging material etc.

Our clients are quite impressed by the product performance and come back to us with repeated orders. We have huge client base with good retention rate and expanding year by year. AABT regarded as best veterinary healthcare medicines manufacturers by the clients. Our products portfolio includes GENTAMOX-P, FLODOX-P, TYLODOX-P, VITA PLUS, DEPENVET etc.

  • Product Name : FLODOX-P
  • Type : Spectrum Antibiotic
  • Usage: Treatment of respiratory diseases
  • CALVES, GOAT & SHEEP: 1 kg/ton of feed during 3 - 5 days

    Each Kg Contains

  • Florfenicol 100 g
  • Doxycycline 50 g
  • Excipients Q.S

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