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Top Aqua Medicines Company in India

Top aqua medicines company in India

We are one among Top Aqua Medicines Company in India. Aqua culture is one of the fastest growing sectors in India with a potential of contributing considerable proportion to the food industry. There are several hurdles for hassle free aqua culture and to attain maximum levels of production like outbreak of diseases, ecological effects etc.

We have been in the industry since last two decades understanding the limitations and needs of aqua culture. We inspired to come up with most efficient solution to sustain the needs of aqua industry. Our eminent scientists work proactively to formulate the most efficient aqua culture medicines for prevention and control of diseases.

We are regarded as top aqua medicines company in India offering the best medicines for demanding needs of industry. Our products include PARACURE I.V, BIO-PROB-FS, DISINFECT, BKC 80% with Glutaraldehyde, PONDKLEEN, active bromine 5% etc.

  • AYUMED FS - Most powerful Ayurvedic medicine
  • DISINFECT - BKC 80% with Glutaraldehyde
  • Naturlyte - Oxidizer & Toxic Gas Absorbent
  • PARACURE-I.V - Special for External Parasites
  • HERBEX - Herbal Solution for Ecto Parasites
  • LIVER CARE - Activate liver for Active Shrimp
  • Efficient
  • Eco-friendly
  • No side effects and residue
  • Cost effective

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