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Shrimp Feed Supplements Manufacturers

Shrimp Feed Supplements Manufacturers

AABT is positioned as one of the major shrimp feed supplements manufacturers and suppliers. With more decade of experience in the industry we became expertise in understanding various aspects that effect the healthy growth of shrimp like biological and environmental factors and providing finest quality products.

Shrimp is extensively farmed in India, many other Asian and American countries. It is encouraged due to the demand in various international markets. To increase the production and productivity, shrimp farming need best feed supplements, effective medicines that controls and prevents the outbreak of diseases. AABT being the prominent shrimp feed supplements manufacturers provides the high quality feed supplements that promote the healthy growth and increased production.

Our feed supplements are manufactured using fine quality raw material in required proportions using most effective methods that promotes health and enhances growth of shrimp. HI-GROW –L.V is one of our shrimp feed supplement. Get to know more

  • Product Name : HI GROW- L.V
  • Type : Multivitamins with amino acids
  • Usage: Induces fast growth
  • Dosage: 3-5 g/kg of feed
    1 KG Contains
  • Vitamin A - 2.000.000 IU
  • Vitamin D3 - 500.000 IU
  • Vitamin K3 - 4.000 mg
  • Vitamin E - 9.000 mg
  • Dicalcium phosphate - 17 G
  • Choline chloride - 5.000 mg
  • Folic acid - 1.000 mg
  • Glutamic acid - 26.000 mg
  • Lysine - 20.000 mg
  • Glycine - 15.000 mg
  • Agrinine - 14.000 mg
  • Methionine - 11.000 mg
  • Liver Extracts - 50 g
  • Carrier up to - 1 kg

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