ADZYME - Multi Enzymes Liquid

USAGES: Liquid multi enzymes for poultry use

COMPOSITION: Each mlcontains

Cellulase                                               9000 U/g

Alpha-Amylase                                    25000 AAU/g

Amyloglucosidase                               4000 GAU/g

Protease                                               8700 TU/g

Lipase                                                    5000 LU/g

Arabinase                                             7200 AIU/g

Xylanase                                               21000 EXU/g

Pectinase                                             35000 AJDU/g

Phytase                                               1000 FTU/g

Beta-glucanase                                  2500 BGU/g

Alpha galactosidase                          4500 AGU/g



  • Improves the digestibility of fiber components and rendering the nutrients more available for digestion, thereby reducing the manureoutput.
  • Reducing the affects of anti nutritional factors like tannins, saponins andgoitrogen.
  • Exploring the genetic potentiality of the bird, so as to enable them to more quantity of feed to achieve maximum growth andproduction.
  • Reducing the early mortality due to the problems associated with harmful moulds and aflatoxin in poultryfeeds.
  • Reducing environmental pollution by reducing nutrient excretion particularly excess phosphorus, nitrogen, copper andzinc.
  • Birds become very healthy andactive.

DOSAGE: 1 ml /Lt of drinking water for 5-7 days (or) as advised by a poultry consultant.