SOFT SHELL, With highest chealting value EDTA for aquaculture

         EDTA or Ethylene Di-Amine-Tetra Acetic Acid is novel molecule for complexing metal ions. The special property of EDTA is chelation. Chelation is the capture of positive charged metal ions by a large molecule. EDTA has the capacity to chelate almost all the positive ions more so calcium. EDTA has its own importance in aquatic ecosystem especially in bore water vannamei culture. 


Reduces hardness of the shell & aiding in moulting.

Maintainance of alkalinity for good plankton bloom.

Reduces heavy metal load.

Controls external fouling, black & yellow gills in shrimp.

Reduces plankton collapse.


2 kg/hectare-Mix with pond water and apply (For best result run aerators while application)