ZEO - PROB, Natural Zeolyte with Probiotics


   Each 1000 g contains

    Active ingredient                                  Labeled Amount     

    Silicon Di Oxide (Sio2)                              62.5 g     

    Selenium Dioxide(SeO2)                         50 ppm

    Sodium  Oxide (Na2O)                              2.85 g      

    Boron Oxide (B2O3)                                   3.0 g

    Ferric Oxide  (Fe2O3)                                2.95 g      

    Nitrosomonas                                        10 Billion

    Calcium Oxide (Cao)                                5.75 g      

    Nitrobacter                                            10 Billion

    Aluminium Oxide(Al2O3)                          17.0 g    

    Bacillus subtills                                      11 Billion

    Rhodobacter                                         10 Billion

    Magnesium Oxide (MgO)                          1.08 g       

   Saccharomyces cerevisiae                     15 Billion

    Zinc Oxide (ZnO)                                    1.04 g      

    Lacto bacillus lactis                               0.5 Billion

    Copper Oxide(CuO)                                0.50 g      

    Lacto bacillus helveticus                       11 Billion

    Potassium Oxide( K2O)                            2.0 g        

    Cobalt(CoO)                                           0.200 g    

    Paracoccusdenitrificans                         10 Billion

    Manganese Oxide(MnO)                         0.1 g

    Thiobacillusversutus                           12 Billion

    Cobalt (Co)                                             0.2 g                         

USAGES:  Used for pond treatment feed supplement for aquaculture mainly for shrimp fish Culture.


Removes toxic gases like ammonia, H2S & Nitrites due to that effectively reducing the formation of Black soil.

It contains highly concentrated non pathogenic, salt resistant, naturally occurring beneficial multi probiotic strains.

Maintain good pond bottom and provides favorable environment to  shrimp growth.

ZEO-PROB directly takes up, decomposes organic matters, toxic materials and maintain high water quality.

Improves water quality and D.O. levels of pond water.

It increases feed intake and glaze of shrimp.

It stabilizes physico chemical parameters of pond water.

It provides favourable conditions to shrimp and fish growth.

Oxidizing agents help in increasing D.O. levels in pond water and maintain it for long period.


      20-40 kg/hectare during culture or 30 to 50 kg/hectare during pond preparation or as suggested by aqua consultant.