QUALIMIN-V, Special Minerals For Vannamei

COMPOSITION: Each kg contains

Calcium sulphate                    320 g

 Phosphorus sulphate              60 g

 Manganese sulphate               25 g

 Zinc sulphate                           95 g

 Cobalt sulphate                       25 g

  Iron sulphate                    6000 mg

  Copper sulphate               1000 mg

  Magnesium sulphate              60 g

   Selenium sulphate           1000 mg

   L-lysine Mono Hcl             4200 mg

   DL-Methionine                  1920 mg

   Herbal Antibacterial        up to 1 kg


Qualimin-V improves the moulting and quick formation of shell.

Qualimin-V will provide relief from stress in pre/post moulting stages.

Qualimin-V maintains healthy pond bottom.

Qualimin-V is provides complete nutrition for Prawn/ fish.

Qualimin-V provides complete minerals for fast growth.

Qualimin-V improves pigmentation of the Prawn/fish.

Qualimin-V improves the resistance power of Prawn/ fish and maintains healthy intestinal condition


POND APPLICATION: 10 kg/hectare once in 10 days

FEED MIXING: 3-5 g/kg of feed continuously or as advised by a aqua consultant