LKFRESH - For Prevention & Control of Gout

Usages: Used as a Animal feed supplement.

COMPOSITION: Each 10 ml contains

Sodium hydrogen carbonate 1.5 g

Ammonium chloride             1.0 g

Ascorbic acid                       0.5 g

Citosodine                          1.0 g

Halite                                1.0 g

Buffers & stabilizers            Q.S.



• Controls visceral gout very effectively.

• Dissolves and sent out kidney stones.

• Restores the functional capacity of kidneys & kidney tissues.

• Prevents and controls Nephrosis and baby chick Nephropathy.



Broilers: 5-10 ml./100 birds / 7-10 days

Layers: 20 ml./100 birds / 7-10 days


SHELFLIFE: Shelf life packaged for sale:1 year.

Shelf-life after first opening the immediate Packaging: 6 weeks.

PACKING: 500ml, 1Lt