POLYBIOTIC - Poultry feed additive

POLYBIOTIC is a unique direct feed supplement comprising new generation GRAS, FDA and AFFCO approved current generation Spore forming micro flora to defend against intestinal palkogan such as salmonella, E-coli, clostridium, coccidian, etc.,

Logic: Healthy (favorable)intestinal flora protects animal gut from palkogan (by exclusion and elimination). They are essential for a positive role on the immune response. They help animal to break down indigestible feed components.

Composition: Lactic acid bacteria - 1.2 Billion cfu/gram
Bacillus subtilis -1.1 Billion cfu/gram
Bacillus licheniformis -1.5 Billion cfu/gram
Bacillus megaterium -1.0 Billion cfu/gram
Bacillus mesentricus -1.9 Billion cfu/gram
Bacillus polymxa - 1.2 Billion cfu/gram
Thiobacillus denitrificanes - 1.8 cfu/gram

• Reduces chick mortality & infections.
• Reduces loose droppings & diarrhea.
• Reduces expenses on medication.
• Protects gut from pathogens.
• Reduces pathogen load on hatching eggs.
• Reduces vertical and horizontal transmission of infections (from mother to progeny and among birds).
• Enhances fertility and hatchability of hatching eggs.
• Reduces stress & rejuvenates birds after vaccination.
• Stimulate antibody production and improves immunity.

Administration: Poultry (Through drinking water)
Chicks : 20 gm/1000 birds daily for first 5/7days
Growers/Layers : 20 gm/1000 birds daily once a week
Breeders/Broilers : 10 gm/1000 birds daily

In feed
Broilers/Layers/Breeders : 100 gm/ton of feed
To enhance fertility & hatchability in Breeder hens : 500 gm/ton of feed

Packing: 25 Kg.