MULTIVIT +, Feed Supplement for Poultry and large animals

COMPOSITION:  Each 1000 g Contains

Vitamin A              5000000 I U              Methionine            20000 mg

Vitamin D3            1000000 I U              Choline                  75000 mg

Vitamin E              10000 mg                  Lysine                    15000 mg

Vitamin K3            3000 mg                    Niacin                  20000 mg

Vitamin B1            1500 mg                    Manganese oxide  25000 mg

Vitamin B2            2000 mg                    Zinc oxide              15000 mg

Vitamin B6            2000 mg                    Iron sulphate         25000 mg

Vitamin B12          20 mg                        Copper sulphate    5000 mg

Pantothenic acid     7000 mg                    Cobalt sulphate     50 mg

Folic acid               700 mg                      Excipients Q S        1000 g


POULTRY: For prevention and control of Vitamins minerals and amino acids deficiency in feed .

Improvement of metabolism

To keep normal growth

LARGE ANIMALS: For prevention and control of Vitamins and minerals deficiency in feed.

DOSAGE and USE: Mixed with finished feed.

Poultry ( 1-2 ) kg /ton of finished feed

Large Animals ( 1 - 2 ) kg /ton of finished feed