COMPOSITION: Each Kg containsVitamin E 325 grams

Calcium 213 grams

Phosphorus 150 grams

Excepients Q.S


Prevents Mastitis by minimizing the bacterial load on the udder and teats

Reduce pain and swelling by its anti inflammatory effects.

Do not pose any rist to teat canal.

Easy to apply on teats and Udder Treats mastitis of variable etiology.

Helps in dissolution of fibrosis of mammary gland.

DOSAGE: Wash the teats and udder regularly and thoroughly after each milking.Daily: 20- 30 grams orally for 7 days to get a complete cure.OR as advised by an Veterinarian Mix 30 gm powder in 10 ml of coconut oil and apply external to the udder.

Packing: 25Kg