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Prawn feed manufacturers and Exporters

Prawn feed manufacturers and Exporters

Pioneer prawn feed manufacturers and exporters located at Vijayawada with full scale manufacturing facilities. Modern aqua farming requires nutritional feed supplements, enzymes, medicines for healthy growth of prawns. We manufacture full line of products and medicines required for prawn farming.

Feed supplements will promote healthy growth of prawn, act as immuno stimulant. They help in relieving stress, improving health, FCR, weight, nutrient metabolism, reduces DOC, offers resistance to diseases, helps in recovering from vitamin deficiencies and makes shrimp active. Our products will help in fast growth of prawn and has no side effects.

We focus mainly on quality of our products using quality tested raw materials, modern formulation techniques under the supervision of experts. Our prawn feed supplements and medicines are appreciated by our clients for their quality and industry’s leading price. AABT is a well-known prawn feed manufacturers and exporters, consistently receives bulk orders from both domestic and international clients. NATURE FOOD is a best prawn feed and herbal product. Know more about it

  • Product Name : NATURE FOOD
  • Type : Pure Spirulina with Herbs
  • Usage: Prawn feed
  • Dosage: 10 g/kg of feed
  • Growth promoter and immuno stimulant
  • Prevents diseases
  • High protein

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