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Poultry Feed Supplements Exporters

Poultry Feed Supplements Exporters

AABT is a well-known poultry feed supplements exporters. Growing demand for food production also increased the demand of poultry products. High quality feed supplements, medicines, health care products are necessary for healthy and increased productivity. We are trusted poultry feed supplements exporters offering huge range of products. Our one of the poultry feed supplement ADDZYME FS is having huge demand in market.

  • Product Name : ADDZYME FS
  • Type : Multi enzyme feed supplement
  • Usage: increases feed efficiency and optimum feed consumption
  • Dosage: 500g/ton of feed

    Each Kg Contains

  • protease 300,000 hut
  • alpha amylase 750,000 agu
  • pectinase 80,000 ajdu
  • xylanase 900,000 xu
  • lipase 100,000 lu
  • cellulase 100,000 cu
  • amyloglucosidase 50,000 agu
  • beta glucanase 400,000 bgu
  • phytase 300,000 pu
  • beta mannanase 5000 lbg

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