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Growth Promoters for poultry

Growth Promoters for poultry

Growth promoters for poultry offer various advantages in poultry industry. These are the substances added to poultry feed which stimulate the response of maximum genetic potential of host to improve growth and feed conversion efficiency.

We are leading manufacturers and exporters of growth promoters for poultry. PROTIVET-T is our innovative product which promotes growth, increases egg growth, egg production, immunity and also cannabolism and falling of feathers. After a extensive research it formulated by our experts using modern techniques. It contains all necessary ingredients like protiens, vitamins, yeast extract etc in right amounts.

AABT offers premium quality poultry products for competitive prices. Our range of products includes feed supplements, additives, enzymes, medicines and many more. We main international quality standards and also approved by various international markets. We have fully integrated manufacturing facilities to support bulk orders. We value our time and deliver the orders with in the commited time frame.

  • Product Name : PROTIVET-T
  • Type : Growth promoter
  • Usage: Improves growth, egg size, egg production
  • • Liquid – Poultry : 7 days in each month

    Each 30ml and 30 gm contains

  • Protein hydrolysate 5.0gm
  • DL Methionine 2.53gm
  • L-Lysine 1.36gm
  • Inositol 120mg
  • Vitamin B12 100mcg
  • Vitamin E 25mg
  • Yeast Extract 250mg
  • Choline Chloride 1250mg
  • Sodium 2.7gm
  • Manganese 1.65gm
  • Zinc 0.68gm
  • Copper 45mg
  • Iron 0.23gm
  • Iodine 22.5mg
  • Cobalt 25mg
  • Selenium 10mg

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