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Floating Fish Feed Manufacturers

Floating Fish Feed Manufacturers

Proficient floating fish feed manufacturers in India. Floating fish feed is a type of fish feed which floats on the water without sinking. It’s a convenient fish As this feed floats more time on water you can know how much feed you need to supply to the fish. Also helps in inspecting health condition of fish as fish comes to top of water for food.

AABT being eminent floating fish feed manufacturers offers premium quality floating fish feed. Our fish feed LIVEFOOD is manufactured using high grade raw materials sourced from reliable suppliers in the industry. The feed will undergo testing at each stage of manufacturing process to confirm the quality and safety standards. We deliver the products with safe packing without altering the quality to the clients.

We have strong reputation in the domestic and international markets as a trusted fish feed manufacturers and exporters. We also offer fish feed supplements, probiotics, enzymes, medicines etc

  • Product Name: LIVE FOOD
  • Type: Both organic and inorganic
  • Usage: Increases body weight
  • Dosage : 2Lt/acre
  • Premium quality
  • Safe digestion
  • Easy digestion
  • Convenient packaging

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