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Aqua feed enzymes manufacturers

Aqua feed enzymes manufacturers

Top rated aqua feed enzymes manufacturers in India. Aqua feed is supplemented with enzymes to increase the nutritional value of the feed. It is widely recommended from last few years due to various benefits. It also eliminates the anti-nutritional factors and improves the efficiency of feed which improves the performance of fish or shrimp. The main reason for providing feed enzymes is to improve digestion. They improves digestion and in turn improves feed efficiency.

There are various factors encouraging the use of enzymes in aqua farming like need for increased production, need for quality feed, alternative source of food with better nutritive value, environmental awareness, and reduced cost.

AABT is a premium quality aqua feed enzymes manufacturer catering feed enzyme need of domestic and international markets. They are high demand due to efficiency and budget friendly prices. Our products help in yielding good productivity to the clients and increases there profitability. Know about our feed enzyme NUTRIZYME

  • Product Name : NUTRIZYME
  • Type : Feed enzyme
  • Usage: Improves gut condition and digestion
  • Dosage: 1.0 – 2.0 kg/ton
  • It is a combination of 12 enzymes, 18 minerals mixed with rich Oiled Soybean, Maize gluten, Gut probiotics and Herbal growth promoters.

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