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Aqua Feed Additives Manufacturers

Aqua Feed Additives Manufacturers

We are eminent aqua feed additives manufacturers delivering reliable solutions to the aqua industry. Our objective is to innovative and create solutions for sustainable aqua culture. We are always in the quest of finding solutions to the challenges of aqua industry.

Our products are the result of extensive research of our scientists, professionals to offer nutritious, sustainable products for cost effective price. We are providing better feed additives that are safe, meets the nutritional needs of aqua animals effectively. We are most respected aqua feed additives manufacturers by the aqua farmers due to our quality standards and affordable price.

AABT manufactures feed additive QUALIMIN-S using top notch quality ingredients and advanced manufacturing process. We have well organised quality management system which helps in achieving high quality and maintaining safety standards. Our products are known for balanced nutrition, freshness, no contaminants, no side effects, optimum growth, cost effective and yields maximum profitability to the client. Know more about QUALIMIN-S

  • Product Name : Qualimin-S
  • Type : Herbal
  • Usage : Special minerals for fish culture
  • Dosage: 10 kg/ton
  • Provides good nutrition
  • Improves feed efficiency
  • Improves digestion and muscle formation
  • Improves resistance and healthy intestinal condition

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