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Anti-diarrhoea Herbal Powder for Cattle

Anti-diarrhoea Herbal Powder for Cattle

AABT provides most effective anti-diarrhoea herbal power for cattle. Diarrhoea occurs in cattle when intestinal fluids are not absorbed appropriately in the intestines. Cattle are more vulnerable to diarrhoea due to various factors. Major factors causing are nutritional deficiency and infection. Sometimes it may be infectious, serious diarrhoea may result in reduced production or loss of livestock. So it should be properly treated.

We offer special anti-diarrhoea herbal powder for cattle called DEPENVET, which controls the diarrhoea. It regulates bowl movements and suggested for better bowl evacuation. Removes toxins and brings intestinal motility to normal level. Appropriate for conditions like bloat, colic, constipation and restlessness postures etc.

We are approved manufacturers and suppliers of anti-diarrhoea herbal powder manufactured with special herbs. DEPENVET is a unique product manufactured using natural herbs and modern technology. It is formulated under strict quality control and offers no side effects. It is also recommended for buffalo, horse, heifers, sheep, goat and camel.

  • Product Name : DEPENVET
  • Type : Herbal product
  • Usage: Control of diarrhoea
  • Dosage: Cattle, Buffalo, Horse & Camel: 200-300 g/ animal
  • Aeglemarmelos
  • Cinnamomum
  • Zeylanicum
  • Zingiberofficinale
  • Punicagranatum
  • Woodfordiaflooribunda
  • Acasia catechu
  • Cyperusrotundus
  • Bombaxmalabaricum
  • Mangiferaindica

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